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What is a Home?

Posted on February 26 2018

What is a Home?

Home is more than a collection of vases and pretty pillows and it goes far beyond finding the perfect couch or curtains.  Home is a state of the heart.  It tells a story.  It is the spaces we create that hold our greatest treasure...our family and friends.  It is the family dinner around a table big enough for everyone to catch up. It is the fuzzy blankets for movie nights. It is the special mug we share our morning coffee with our lover. It is the sea of plush bedding where we lay and rest to shut off life's problems.

What home means to me

To me home is the space I create as a gift to those who enter. It is important to have a space filled with meaningful items to tell our story or share our memories.  It is furniture that can be climbed on by grand babies.  It is rooms that hold the treasure of our children and walls that protect us from an uncertain world.  Through laughter and tears...graduations and funerals.  Home is the backdrop to every moment of our lives. I am passionate about inspiring people to love their home and find peace and solace in its borders. I love helping people decorate for their lifestyle and guide them as they create space for their family and friends.  I want people to be proud of the space they have created.  I want to help every customer fall in love with their home all over again!

Lisa Bataran

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